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Automated marketing

Target customers with personalised relevant contact, not constant contact

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Automated marketing

Marketing automation gives you the power to identify your web visitors, send them a personalised response and offer a promotion to your most valued customers. This will enable you to prove your marketing ROI. 

Understand the life of a customer, follow their timeline of activity and automate responses to deliver a personal offer that is easy to convert in to a sale.

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90% better value than 7 years ago

Automated tools that previously costed £10-15,000/month, now cost as little as £500

Step one

Analyse & Strategy

The first step is to analyse your current campaigns and investigate how to interact with your systems. 

We'll deliver your first automation scenario that utilises automation software.

Step two

Initial Setup

Our technical team will configure and install the initial code, setup the domain and email for sending using DKIM verification code, then personalise the system for your business.

Then we can connect your CRM (there is one built in if you don't have one) and start your initial workflows.

Examples of workflows could be: a personal opt-in email campaign, or notifications being sent when customers visit specific pages in a specific order.

Step three

Run with automation

This is where real automation starts. Launch your campaign and analyse the results live. And the cherry on the cake, our team is available to develop more complex workflows and create amazing content, as well as provide support.

Workflows can be as simple as a notification, or as complex as to trigger dynamic emails. The time required will depend on the difficulty of the workflow to configure. Contact us to discuss your idea, we can help you achieve this.


Marketing automation tools give you the power to deliver relevant content and automate actions like moving a contact from one list to another after an action has taken place. It enables personalised, relevant contact not constant contact.

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What we offer

Personal dashboard

Included with this service, you'll have access to your own personal dashboard. Here you can access your contacts, view leads, send emails and analytics reports. 

Segmentation of audience

As customers navigate your website and complete forms, we can easily segment them into lists to target personalised content.

Dynamic content

Drive traffic to targeted pages and display only content specific to that customer’s criteria with personalised emails.

Landing pages

Internal web pages built with the automated marketing tool that are fully dynamic packed with features to give the user a personalised experience.

Sales notifications

Ability to send notifications to any user when specific criteria or actions are completed on your website

VisitorID your audience

Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic with trackable devices and IP addresses

3rd party integratation

Sync contacts between apps and change data based on contacts interaction with 3rd party apps. (additional cost)

Complex workflows

Setup complex workflows and roadmaps that ultimately achieve any goal

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology

If you don't understand what some meanings are, or wish to learn more about Marketing Automation terminology, download our guide here.

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